When I heard Leonard died
I was with old friends
and my x-husband was there too
and we hugged
and cried
like we hadn’t done for years
while a woman too young to know
stood up and sang
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

When I heard Leonard died
I could see the drops of rain
on the windshield
thirty years ago
when my first love and I
listened to Leonard sing,
“Dance me to the End…”
as we drove to New York City
for the job interview
I knew would take him away
though it seemed
a fiction
when our hands rested
between the seats

When I heard Leonard died
I put my hand over my mouth
for a long time
like I was shocked
but I wasn’t
I knew he’d leave us soon
when I sat with my friend
in front of the speakers
he took off his hat
and I took off my socks
and Leonard sang
“I’m ready my Lord”
and I fell in love
listening to his voice
and the violin
and the choir
and the organ
like we were in church
and even though I knew
he’d have to go
I said a prayer
that he’d return.